Rosie Alexandra Day 

b. 1987 Bromley, UK. 

Bachelor of Arts in Photography - University of the Arts London 

Master of Arts in Photography - Falmouth University

Rosie Day gained her masters in photography at Falmouth University in 2019, in which year she was selected by the British Journal of Photography as one of the UK’s most promising graduates. Since completing her studies, she has worked as a freelance photographer, videographer and educator. 

Rosie’s work centers around ethically minded, long-form documentary projects. Her largest work to date, Witness Marks, documents isolated communities in the central Oregon high desert. 

Rosie currently works with youth living in rural Oregon, founding a photography and video program for high school students. The importance of building reciprocal, collaborative relationships continues to be central to her practice as she gives her former subjects the tools and knowledge to document their own experiences.

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