FMP, Project Development - Exhibition Plans

After much deliberation, I have decided to host my FMP exhibit in London in August of this year. The show will take place at Four Corners gallery from August 13 - 19th. I have learnt that my work has more appeal to British viewers, and displaying my work in London will allow me to reach a wide audience.  

Four Corners Gallery

The space is larger than I originally envisioned, so I have begun thinking of creative ways to use the space. I do not have the financial means to frame all my work, but when speaking with Stella, she recommended that I frame some pieces. I definitely think there should be variation in the size and positioning of prints on the walls and have been looking for examples of exhibitions which I think are particularly successful in this approach (see below).

I have already been making small prints of all my images to help guide my editing process, but now I will begin making larger prints. I am able to make my own prints up to A3+ size, from these I will decide which images to send to a professional print studio to print at a larger size. I will also begin playing with potential layouts using the gallery floor plan I have received.

Paul Kranzler & Andrew Phelps - ‘The Drake Equation’ at Lothringer13 Halle

Maja Daniels - ‘Elf Dalia’ at Borlange Modern

Christian Patterson - ‘Red Headed Peckerwood’ at Transformer Station

Maria Sturm - ‘You Don’t Look Native to Me’ at Artists Unlimited

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