FMP, Project Development - Exhibition Printing & Layout

I have been making prints of my images at home using a Canon Pixma Pro 100. This printer enables me to make prints up to 13x19 in and I have found the quality to be very good. After researching different paper options at photography supply store in Portland, I decided upon Moab Exhibition Luster for my own prints. Taking time to correctly size, sharpen and soft proof my images, I have found the color reproduction to be very good and I am making crisp images with rich colors.

I will be printing images at a larger size for my exhibition at Fourcorners, so I plan to have these printed at the Falmouth Photolab. Whilst I understand that it is a risk to have these printed remotely, without the ability to view test strips, the price of printing locally is out of my budget. The Falmouth Photolab does not offer Moab paper, so I bought a sample pack of Hahnemuhle paper to find a close equivalent. I was very happy with the tests I made on the Photo Rag Baryta, and plan to order my larger prints on this paper.

In addition to making test prints, I also made a scale model maquette of the gallery space. This is the first time I have made a maquette, and I don’t think that I will use this method again! I found the process quite labour intensive and I have not found it to be useful in planning the layout of my work. It has definitely helped me to better understand the gallery space, and see the size of my prints in relation to the wall, but the 1/20 scale is too small for me to understand how the images interact with one another. 

One solution might be to make a model with a larger scale, however, I think a better option for me is to spend more time learning Google Sketchup, and use this in future. 

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