FMP, Project Development - Local Newspaper Feature

A story about my work was recently published in The Times-Journal, a local newspaper that covers three rural counties in Oregon. I met the newspaper’s editor whilst working in Mitchell and he was interested to learn about my work and what brought me to this small community.

Whilst a lot of the details in the story are actually inaccurate, I believe that the writer did a good job of conveying my admiration for Mitchell’s residents and my passion for the project. After the story was published, I received positive feedback from local residents and it definitely informed more members of the community know about my work. The Times-Journal also promoted the article on Instagram, helping us to reach an even wider audience.  

I am very glad to have made the connection with Stephen, the editor at The Times-Journal. I told him that I am looking for a place to show my work in the area, and he suggested that we host an exhibition at the newspaper offices in the town of Condon. This would be a great opportunity to show my work locally and we are making plans for an exhibition in late August / early September.

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