FMP, Project Development - Mitchell, Piety Hill

I am now settling into Mitchell and finding a rhythm to my days here. I have found myself to be busier than I expected as I am helping at both the hostel and the brewery in the town. I initially took on these roles as I felt they would help me to connect with members of the community, but working here is also helping me to gain a greater understanding of everyday life in a small town. With a population of just 120 people, many residents take on multiple roles and work tirelessly everyday to keep the town functioning. 

Last night I took the opportunity to explore the residential area of Mitchell during the evening golden hour. Recently, I have found myself focused on portraits, so I wanted to photograph more details of my environment. The residential area is located high on a hill side just south of Mitchell’s Main Street. It is known to locals as ‘Piety Hill’ as it was here, in 1895, that the town’s first church was established. A church remains in this original location, along with many houses and the Mitchell K-12 school. 

I think the above image of the fire hydrant and store sign is particularly strong, the evening light offering an almost cinematic feel to this ramshackle arrangement of objects on a street corner.  

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