FMP, Project Development - Prints & Framing

I arrived in the UK this week and have begun framing my work for my upcoming exhibition. Working on the show remotely has been incredibly challenging, and unfortunately I was very disappointed with a number of the prints I had ordered. Although hard to see in the images above, the prints I received were high in contrast and cold in tone, despite the fact that I prepared the files carefully and soft proofed them on a calibrated screen. Now in the UK, I was able to go a different print shop in person. I had test strips made from the same files and the results were very different. I am now having a number of them reprinted. This is very last minute, and is incurring extra cost, but I am glad that I can get them corrected in time for the show.

I am framing the work myself. I choose to use thin, oak wood frames in standard sizes. Each print needs to be cut by hand, but I am enjoying the process of putting the work together.  

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