FMP, Project Development - RPS Journal Feature

My work was recently featured in the July issue of The RPS Journal. It was an honour to have my work selected and displayed alongside some great student photographers from across the UK. Rachel Segal Hamilton interviewed me for the piece, my full answers to her questions are shared below. 

How old are you?

I’m 31 years old. I obtained my Photography BA in 2012 from UAL (Camberwell College of Art) and then took some time away from academia before embarking on my Photography MA with Falmouth Flexible.

What do you love about photography?

More increasingly, I love the opportunities that photography offers me. I’m an inherently curious person, and carrying my camera has offered me a passport into many situations that I would not usually be invited into.

Describe your photographic approach/style…

Over the course of my MA, I have taken a long-form documentary approach to making work. I’ve been revisiting many of the same people and locations for the past 24 months and have spent a great amount of time earning the trust of the communities that I have been photographing. Maintaining an ethical practice is incredibly important to me, so I have worked hard to create a harmonious, collaborative relationship with those whose lives I am documenting.

Is there a particular project you’ve really enjoyed working on? Why? What’s it about?

My current project, ‘Witness Marks’,  investigates remote communities and towns in the central Oregon high desert. This project has been totally captivating to work on. I have become enamored by the self-reliant, resilient nature of those who choose to live in these isolated regions, as well as the distinct, dramatic landscape that exists here.

What are your plans after graduating and further into the future? EG Do you have a dream job/commission/exhibition opportunity?

I really enjoy being on the road and making work so it would be a dream to land some commissions which allowed me to document more of Middle America. I believe that residents of rural regions and small towns in the US are so often reduced to a series of stereotypes. I’d love the opportunity to work on projects which better represented this portion of the US.

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