Surfaces and Strategies, Project Development - Shaniko

Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph Shaniko, a small town with less than 30 residents in central Oregon. I had visited Shaniko on two occasions previously, and begun to make acquaintances there. Unlike many of the other locations that I have been visiting, there is a preservation society in the town who aim to share and preserve the history of the area. I made my most recent trip to Shaniko to document their yearly event ’Shaniko Days’, a festival with traditional music, food, a parade, and black powder gunfights. It was a pleasure to meet people who celebrate the culture and history of this area and to speak with people who enjoy this local tradition. Visiting special events is a effective way for me to connect with new communities, and is something that I should aim to do more over the coming warm weather months.   

I believe that these images are successful, showing a greater level of intimacy with my subjects than is evident in much of my other work. As I have done previously, I aim to print these images and return to Shaniko to share my work with those who live there. I hope to photograph this community again, greatly appreciating their welcoming nature, hospitality, and willingness to share their lives with me.  

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