Surfaces and Strategies, Project Development - Workshop Ideas

I have been considering hosting workshops as a method to connect with new residents in central Oregon towns, as well as involve my subjects more in my image making process. This summer I had the opportunity to trial different workshop ideas with some of my teen photography students, I wanted to see what projects were successful as stand alone activities with new students. I also wanted to see what I might be able to facilitate in any location, with equipment I could provide myself. 

I feel very fortunate to work as an art educator, and particularly enjoy teaching teenagers. As mentioned previously, I am interested to learn about the experience of living in rural towns from the perspective of young residents - reaching out to youth groups and offering to host workshops might be would be a good way for me to engage with this demographic. Many of the techniques I taught, such as multiplicity, light painting or cyanotypes are not methods that I use in my own work, but I know that they are popular with younger students and facilitating these types of activities might simply be a way to give something back to these communities and connect with new groups of people.

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