Sustainable Prospects, Contextual Research - ‘The American Front Porch’

Reviewing my recent images, I realized how many of my photographs were taken on, or around, the front porch of the house that I have been photographing in Dufur. I enjoyed reading this well referenced website created by a student at University of Virginia detailing the history and cultural significance of the American front porch. I wonder if I could use the front porch as anchor when exploring life in small town America on a winder scale. Front porches are largely an architectural feature of the past, rarely seen in urban areas, but they are still utilized in many rural communities and small towns. The porch, as an outdoor space which brings a family’s home life into a public realm, reflects the sense of trust and connection between neighbors, as well as the sense of community that exists in these areas. 

Sage Sohier, From the Series ‘Americans Seen’ 1979 - 1986

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