Sustainable Prospects, Coursework - Careers

This week were were asked to think about different careers within the photography industry, other than being a photographer. Having studied photography at undergrad, and then spent time assisting after university, I was familiar with the potential paths one can take. 

For me, I have found teaching photography to be my passion. I love sharing my knowledge of photography with others, and find it infinitely rewarding to inspire and educate others in my field. I recently interviewed for a position as a photo retoucher at a prestigious commercial studio in Portland - In addition to the fact that my editing skills were not at the level required for the position, I was further reassured that this kind of job was not for me. As a teacher, I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and particularly enjoy working with young people. Perhaps the most fulfilling position I ever held was as an Instructor and director for a photography camp for teenagers in Chicago.

My initial motivation for obtaining my MA was to offer myself access to more teaching positions and I am excited at the prospect of potentially teaching at college level one day.  In the meantime, I will continue to instruct at alternative art education programs and gain more experience as both a photographer, and an educator.  

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