Sustainable Prospects, Project Development - Thanksgiving

Over the past two months, I have focused on documenting one household in Dufur, Oregon (Pop. 604). I have been working closely with one family in the hope that it will enable me to gain greater insight into life in small town America. I have become very close with the family since I met them around one year ago, and was honored to be invited to share Thanksgiving with them this year. The above images were taken across the two days that I spent with them, their extended family, and friends. 

My approach this term has been quite different to the way that I have worked previously. Rather than photographing many places and people, I have worked more intimately with one small group. I know that this has been successful with regards to building trust and understanding with residents in the areas that I am photographing, but it may not immediately result in an improvement in the images that I am able to create. I hope that my Work in Progress Portfolio will demonstrate that my efforts this term have been primarily focused on strengthening my relationships with the community I am photographing, and it will be assessed with this in mind. 

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